Heartbreaking Video Shows Koala Desperate For Water After Surviving Bushfire

Kate the koala is one of the lucky few who were rescued during this week's bushfire tragedy, her rescuer found her sitting in burnt-out bushland in Bellangry State Forest.

The bushfire crisis has swept across New South Wales and Queensland this week, killing four people and destroying hundreds of homes.

Many people have been forced to flee due to evacuation orders, but the wildlife left behind isn't able to just pick up and run away too.

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So far hundreds of koala populations have been killed in the crisis. Fortunately, some have been saved by wildlife rescuers.

Kate is one of them. She is currently at Koala Hospital Port Macquarie, brought in by her rescuer Darrel who found her sitting in burnt-out bushland in Bellangry State Forest on the NSW mid-north coast.

Kate the koala was rescued after bushfires tore through northern NSW. Image: Facebook

In a video that has gone viral across the globe since it was posted on Thursday, Kate can be seen drinking water from a cup Darrel gave her, clearly exhausted and desperate for hydration.

According to the koala hospital, "Kate has burns to her hands, feet, face and full singeing of her body".

She is now being cared for in the burns ward, but she's one of the lucky ones.

It's been estimated that 350 of the nearly 600 koalas living at the Lake Innes Nature Reserve outside of Port Macquarie were wiped out on the weekend as they tried to flee the fires.



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The decimation of koala habitats has made international news, with the New York Times, USA Today, The Times in the UK and the NZ Herald, all reporting on the devastation to our native wildlife.

You can donate to the Koala Hospital Port Macquarie -- an animal welfare, scientific research and education facility that is sending out search and rescue exercises to find surviving koalas.

Feature Image: Facebook