Pregnant Firefighter Hero Explains Why She'll Continue Battling NSW Blazes

Katherine Robinson-Williams is 13 weeks pregnant and in the midst of fighting the devastating fires that have torn through New South Wales.

Robinson-Williams is helping others save their homes while her own property in Paxton near Cessnock is at risk.

She told 10 daily that she plans to keep volunteering for her community until the late stages of her pregnancy or she's physically unable.

"I had to be there to help the community. I couldn't watch my country go up in flames. It wasn't an option," Robinson-Williams said.

Katherine Robinson-Williams has been a firefighter for 10 years. Image Supplied

Robinson-Williams has been a firefighter for 10 years and comes from a family of firefighters.

She said her own mum was pregnant with her while battling blazes in 1995.

"I grew up being a firefighter. My grandmother when I was really little very, very small yellow, toddler-sized firefighter clothing for me to run around in," Robinson-Williams said.

Robinson-Williams' family are all volunteer firefighters. Image: Supplied

"My mum has been in it for years, my dad has been doing it for years. I've loved it and I've never stopped and I don't think I ever will," she told 10 daily.

"My whole family are firies. My in-laws are firies, my husband is a firefighter and my grandmother is a firefighter," Robinson-Williams said.

Robinson's brother-in-law features in the viral video of firefighters driving through the hellscape of the Hillsville fire near Taree on Friday.

Robinson-Williams said that she's received some backlash but most people have been supportive telling her it's "your body, your choice".

Supporting her community is at the heart of why Robinson, a childcare worker, battles fires in her free time.

"If my home goes, it can be replaced. Homes can be rebuilt, people can't be. We've already lost too many people to these fires. I'm going to be there for my community as long as I'm able to," Robinson-Williams said.

Bushfire Crisis


Pregnant Firefighter Defends Fighting NSW Blazes

At 13 weeks pregnant, female firefighter Katherine Robinson-Williams will defend her state as it continues to be ravaged by bushfires.

"We went to a community in Wingham on Monday and most of the community was gone and the community still banded together and made firefighters breakfast and dinner and we still can't believe it. We said 'You guys have lost everything, why are you doing this?' It's been amazing," she said.

"Seeing everybody be so supportive and band together in a time of need and being there for the community is the greatest part of it all," Robinson-Williams said.

The mother-to-be is due in May and said she plans to host a firefighter themed gender reveal party.

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