Man Rescues Kangaroo From Car Grill After Driver Thought It Was Dead

A Townsville man has rescued a trapped kangaroo after it became wedged in the front of another driver's car.

While driving near Townsville's Domain Central in Far North Queensland, Ben Cheyne spotted a car travelling with a kangaroo trapped inside the front grill.

The kangaroo had allegedly been trapped since the day before. Image: Ben Cheyne/Facebook

"So i (sic) stopped in the middle of the intersection so he couldn't drive off," he said in a Facebook post.



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Cheyne called out the driver of the other vehicle, telling him there was a trapped kangaroo in his car.

Remarkably, the driver told Cheyne he knew he had hit a kangaroo the night before but believed it was dead.

The kangaroo was released back into the wild. Image: Ben Cheyne/Facebook

Cheyne said he grabbed a cordless drill and saber from his car, removed the number plate and cut the grill from the bumper bar to free the kangaroo.

"Took to near by (sic)  bush and released it, little fella was pretty scared but still alive, unbelievable!" he said.

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Cheyne added in comments on the post that the driver said he was from Victoria and had borrowed the car.