Three Lives Lost, Nearly 200 Homes Destroyed As Fires Devastate NSW And Queensland

Total fire bans remain across NSW and Queensland as blazes continue to ravage both states.

Across NSW there are still 72 fires burning, with 36 of those not under control and 11 fires listed as 'watch and act'.

At least three people have died, and 40 people have been injured, while five people remain missing.

Julie Fletcher, 63, George Nole and Vivian Chaplain, 69, have been identified as those who lost their lives during Saturday's fires.

Firefighters work to contain a bushfire along Old Bar road in Old Bar, NSW, Saturday. Image: AAP

The blazes across the state have claimed at least 150 houses with that number expected to rise as people return to evacuated areas.

Firefighters are using favourable conditions to try and control bushfires already burning, however the RFS has issued a warning that conditions will worsen over the next few days.



Fires Up Close: 'Unbelievable Sights' Of The 'Unprecedented' Blazes Across NSW And QLD

As thousands of firefighters and residents battle more than one hundred blazes burning across NSW and Queensland, photos shared from the ground show just how close some of the fires are to destroying homes and communities.

In Queensland, there are still 55 bushfires with emergency warnings continuing at Cooroibah and Ringtail Creek, north of Noosa on the Sunshine Coast.

About 9000 people were evacuated from the area at the height of the blaze, and at least one house has been lost.

Police are managing residents from Noosa North Shore, Noosa Banks and Daintree Park, who are being allowed to return to their properties in controlled stages.

They've urged people to remain patient.

"Residents in Cooroibah and Ringtail Creek must not return to their properties, as conditions are still too dangerous," a spokesman said.

A firefighter suffered a broken leg but no lives have been lost or other injuries reported.



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Incredible stories of survival have emerged from the NSW bushfires, with children fleeing the blazes barefoot -- with just school uniforms on their backs.

Warnings have downgraded to 'watch and act' at former major fires at Tarome in the Scenic Rim and the Thornton fire in the Lockyer Valley.

A state of fire emergency has been declared across 42 local government areas, particularly near Cobraball and Bungundarra, southwest of Yeppoon, where major fires still remain.

Nearly 20 houses were lost in this fast-moving blaze as residents battled to save their properties in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Bushfire Crisis


Nearly 20 Buildings Destroyed In QLD Fires Still Burning

A vast bushfire that's claimed nearly 20 homes in central Queensland is now bearing down on more.

Weather conditions causing severe fire danger across the state's southeast corner have moved north into central Queensland.