Fires Up Close: 'Unbelievable Sights' Of The 'Unprecedented' Blazes Across NSW And QLD

As thousands of firefighters and residents battle more than one hundred blazes burning across NSW and Queensland, photos shared from the ground show just how close some of the fires are to destroying homes and communities.

From blazes in backyards, just metres from homes to thick billowing clouds of smoke that have engulfed entire suburbs, hundreds of harrowing images have been shared across the country in what fire authorities have described as an "unprecedented" fire day.



QLD And NSW Burn: Over 100 Fires, With 'Relentless' Conditions Ahead

Multiple fast-moving fires have erupted across NSW, QLD and now WA, in an "unprecedented" emergency as firefighters warn conditions will only get worse.

In NSW, 99 fires are continuing to burn uncontained mostly around the mid-north coast and northern regions of the state.

Seventeen of those are at emergency level with the NSW rural fire service issuing a harrowing message to residents near those fires that it is now too late to leave.  

An Aircrane water bombing helicopter drops water on a bushfires in Harrington, 335km north east of Sydney. Image: AAP

"Your life is at risk and you need to take action to protect your life," the RFS said on Friday.

There are reports of multiple damaged properties and injuries, however, fire authorities are still working to confirm these reports.

Images shared throughout the day have shown just how close the fires have come to homes.

Port Macquarie has been enveloped by thick smoke, leaving the entire region in an eery orange glow.

Lola Hogan fled her home in Port Macquarie. Image: Supplied.

In the Blue Mountains residents and neighbours worked alongside local fire crews to protect homes as the fire burned literally in people's backyards.

In Harrington near Taree on the mid-north coast thick black clouds billowed through the area.

While this was the view travelling towards Kempsey also on the mid-north coast.

Image: Supplied (Jane Aubin)

At 5pm the smoke from the NSW north coast fires had reached Lord Howe Island.

In Queensland two emergency warning are in place and another five fires are at 'watch and act' level, with residents at Tarome and Cooroibah told to leave immediately.

At around 5:30pm an emergency warning was also declared in Western Australia, for a  bushfire in the small town of Regans Ford, about 100 km north of Perth.

Featured image: Facebook/Kelly-ann Oosterbeek