Chaperone Service For Schoolies On Offer From Security Company

Thousands of Schoolies are about to descend on the Gold Coast to celebrate the end of their high school education, and one security company is offering a peace-of-mind service for parents.

Burleigh-based security firm Protectcorp is offering a dedicated chaperone service for the partying Schoolies. The idea came a from a women's self-defence class, and is also offered for events like Tinder dates.

But during Schoolies season, the service will follow the teens for $50 an hour.

Protectcorp is offering chaperone services for Schoolies. Image: Getty

"It's really important that there's an option for people that they can say 'I want my child to come home safely or return from their trip safely'," Nick Buenen, Protectcorp general manager. told 10 News First.

Buenen, a former police officer, said the Schoolies precinct is safer than ever with wall-to-wall CCTV -- but it is outside that area which is concerning for parents.

"It's those spaces beyond that security operation, beyond the event, beyond the reach of the cameras, that we're interested in protecting kids and looking after our client's needs," he said.

Police watch over revellers at Surfers Paradise.. Image: Getty Images

Red Frogs Australia, a volunteer organisation which has been watching over Schoolies celebrations in Australia and abroad for nearly 20 years, welcomes the safety message -- but said it already offers its own service.

Volunteers provided nearly 5000 walk home escorts for Schoolies last year and will again be offering the service in 2019.

An escort can be booked on the organisation's hotline or through an app.



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Andy Gourley, Red Frogs director, said this year's school leavers have been well-prepared through seminars offered at high schools by the organisation.

"The high school seminars have gone really well, we're really impressed with the breed of the year group coming through, they seem really good and we're hoping those trends continue," he told 10 News First.

There will be a team of 600 volunteers on the Gold Coast for week one of celebrations, which starts on November 16, but they are expecting fewer revellers than in previous years.

"This is a very interesting year for us, this is a year where there is a lot less Year 12s because they changed the age demographic in the classes, so we've actually got 30 percent less than what we deal with," Gourley said.



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Gourley is hopeful they will continue a recent trend of good behaviour.

"The last four years have been the healthiest we have see in 20, but we're hoping that these guys make it five in a row."