IKEA Has Released Its Limited Edition MARKERAD Range But You Better Be Quick

Ikea has teamed up with American fashion designer Virgil Abloh for its limited edition MARKERAD range.

The range of 15 products has been designed in collaboration with Abloh, who is best known for his work with Louis Vuitton and his own streetwear brand Off-White.

The range is hitting Australian stores on Thursday. Image: Getty

“After two years of anticipation we’re excited to finally welcome MARKERAD into our stores," said Ryan Burman, spokesperson for IKEA Australia.

"There are extremely high expectations for this collection and we don’t expect it to be around for long."

Abloh designed the "KEEP OFF" rug for the IKEA Art Event 2019, and was so popular shoppers had to enter a ballot to purchase one.

y IKEA presentation during IKEA MARKERAD Launch Party. Image: Getty

The MARKERAD range been hitting stores all week around the world, with the limited items selling out faster than you can spell the names of IKEA products.

When the range went on sale in the U.K. earlier this week, excited shoppers camped out overnight to get their hands on the products.



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On Thursday, it is Australia's turn for the hotly-anticipated range of homewares.

But for those thinking of kitting out their home with MARKERAD items, IKEA has implemented a strict limit of one item per person, and the goods are only available in store.

“We have been preparing ourselves for the high consumer demand that comes with MARKERAD, so we’re looking forward to seeing the excitement as stocks start to hit shelves around the country," said Burman.

The MARKERAD range features 15 limited edition items. Image: Getty

Items on sale include a wooden chair with a wedge on one of its feet, a green rug that says "WET GRASS", a back-lit Mona Lisa wall piece and a rug that looks like an IKEA receipt.