'Her Innocence Has Gone': Grandmother Of Girl Abducted From Front Yard Speaks Out

A woman says her granddaughter is scarred for life after being abducted from her front yard, as her kidnapper pleaded guilty to his sickening crimes. 

Christopher Irwin, 34, allegedly grabbed the young girl in Sydney's south-west earlier this year.

It took just a second, but what he did to her will have a lasting impact.

"It has scarred her for life. Her innocence has gone from that incident," the girl's grandmother, who can't be named, exclusively told 10 News First.

The young girl was roller-blading in her front yard in Macquarie Fields in May, when Irwin -- a convicted sex offender -- allegedly lured her into an abandoned house, locked the door and began to undress her.

Neighbours saw Irwin take her, and called out. The girl's grandmother said she can't fathom what would have happened without their intervention.

The young girl was roller-blading in her front yard when she was allegedly lured into an abandoned house. Image: Supplied

 "If they weren't there, she would have been dead...  she wouldn't be here to tell no story, struggling with post traumatic stress," she said. 

"She would be another statistic."

The grandmother said the incident has affected the young girl's sleep, as she endures nightmares and flashbacks.

"We couldn't drive in the streets for the first couple of weeks," she said. 

"She's starting to get over stuff, but now and then we'll have flashbacks and little triggers."

Macquarie Fields man Christopher Irwin has pleaded guilty to detaining and sexually touching the young girl.

On Wednesday, Irwin pleaded guilty to two charges of taking or detaining a person and the intentional sexual touching of a child. He also pleaded guilty to two counts of failing to comply with reporting obligations.

Two of the original charges, being taking or detaining a child with intent to remove parental control and remaining in a building with intent to commit an indictable offence, were officially withdrawn.

Wearing prison greens, Irwin sat slumped with his arms crossed at Campbelltown Local Court, listening as the judge read out the offences he'd been accused of.

The only words Irwin uttered were, "yes, your honour" to show he understood the proceedings.

The victim's grandmother said while she is relieved Irwin pleaded guilty, and her granddaughter won't be dragged through court procedures, she's anxious about what's next.

The girl's grandmother has spoken to 10 News First. Image: 10 News First

Irwin will be back in court on November 22, when he'll receive a sentence date for the new year.

The victim's grandmother hopes his punishment matches the pain she said her granddaughter will deal with forever.

"I want him ... somewhere away from society for as long as possible so no child nor family ever has to go through what we did again," she said.