Check Your Tickets: Someone In Sydney Doesn't Know They've Won $10 Million

There's an extremely lucky person walking around Sydney today and they have no idea they are now a multi-millionaire.

Oz Lotto's Division One draw worth a whopping $10 million went off on Tuesday night, with all the prize money going to one very lucky punter.

But the prize remains unclaimed and Sydney's secret millionaire continues to walk the streets none the wiser that there's a mountain of unclaimed cash waiting for them.



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One lucky Australian is $50 million richer but they don't even know it yet, meaning it's time to check your Oz Lotto tickets.

What we do know is that the winning entry was purchased at newsXpress Crows Nest, 25 Willoughby Road. It was also not registered to a player card, so the identity of the ticket holder remains a mystery.

One person who is thrilled about the result is newsXpress Crows Nest owner Louise Geng, who hopes her lucky winner claims their prize money soon.

Oz Lotto
There is one lucky winner walking around Sydney. Image: Supplied.

“We’ve had the outlet for just over two years and this is the first division one we’ve sold,” Geng said.

“It’s just fantastic news. How exciting! 10 million dollars! I hope our winner comes in to check their ticket soon so they can find out they’re now a multi-millionaire.”

Good News


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NSW Lotteries spokesperson Matt Hart urged everyone in Syndey to check their tickets for last night's draw. He also suggested people register their tickets to a Player Club so their entries are secure and so they can be contacted directly if they win.

"There’s a good chance that someone has headed off to work this morning or started their day running errands, completely unaware that they’ve woken up $10 million richer,” Hart said.

So, check your tickets Sydneysiders!

There's a good chance this winner will be having much more than a chicken dinner tonight.

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