CCTV Footage Provides Clues To What Reportedly Happened During Vicious Dog Mauling


A woman was left covered in the blood of her own dog after what she claims was a violent dog attack.

Kashila Chintamunnee claims that her dachshund Coco was attacked by another dog in Pakenham, southeast of Melbourne on Tuesday morning.

It's understood Chintamunnee's three dogs escaped from an opened garage door and ran across the road to the park before the attack.

"I heard screaming all the way from my house, my front door, and I knew something was wrong," Chintamunnee told 10 News First.

CCTV Image of the incident. Image: 10 News First.

It appears Chintamunnee's three dogs raced towards another woman, her young child and her Staffy who was wearing harness in the park.

The woman quickly grabbed her son and jumped onto a picnic table to avoid the oncoming dogs. At this point, the Staffy fought back against the three dogs, eventually mauling a dachshund to death.

Dog Mauling
Coco, who died after the apparent attack. Image: Facebook/Kashila Chintamunnee.

In the aftermath of the incident, Chintamunnee shared a series of images on Facebook. She seemed determined to find the owner of the Staffy who appeared to have killed her dog Coco, claiming that the woman and her child simply "walked away" after the attack.

In the graphic images, blood appears to be smeared on the footpath and covered the Staffy.

Dog Mauling
Chintamunnee shared this photo on Facebook. Image: Facebook/Kashila Chintamunnee.
Dog Mauling
The footpath where the apparent attack occurred. Image: Facebook/Kashila Chintamunnee.

"Hi girls does anybody know this lady from Pakenham area her dog mauled my dog to death today at 11:00am and walked away. If anybody has any information regarding to her please let me know ASAP," Chintamunnee wrote on Facebook following the incident.

There were also images of Chintamunnee, who appeared covered in the blood of her now deceased dog. Blood drenched her dress and covered her arms.

10 daily understands the woman whose dog attacked the dachshund will speak to Cardinia Council on Wednesday and will seek legal advice regarding the incident.

Dog Mauling
The woman appears to be covered in blood. Image: Facebook/Kashila Chintamunnee.
Dog Mauling
The woman appears to be covered in blood. Image: Facebook/Kashila Chintamunnee.

Chintamunnee also said on Facebook that she has contacted both Victoria Police and the Cardinia Council for assistance.

Both Kashila Chintamunnee and the woman accused of being involved in the apparent attack have been contacted for comment.

10 daily has contacted Cardinia Council for comment on the incident. Victoria Police are directing inquiries related to the attack to Cardinia Council. Police have said it is a council matter.

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