Farmers Are Dancing Because It Finally Rained In Drought Areas

Drought-ravaged areas of Queensland and NSW have had temporary relief after receiving massive downfalls of rain.

Battling farmers have celebrated as much-needed rain soaked their properties, with many taking to social media to share their joy.

The Facebook page 'One Day Closer to Rain (Drought)' was inundated with happy farmers celebrating the downpour.

These boys at Five Ways, NSW, received 25 millimetres. Image: Katie Mulcahy O'Brien

The farmers on Latrobe Station, in central-west Queensland, posted a video on Facebook of them dancing as there was "magic falling from the sky".

"The closest thing I have to rain coat is my fluffy bunny robe -- just makes the moment even more enjoyable!" they said.

"I hope the rain spreads far and wide to all those who need some; it is coming for you too; and my fervent hope is that you won't have long to wait."

These kids near White Cliffs received nearly three inches of rain. Image: Shelby-Rae Mannion

More than 60 millimetres of rain fell across parts of central west and northwest New South Wales, while Mirrool Creek in the Riverina is running for the first time in two years.

Bourke in northern NSW recorded more than 60mm of rain, while Gumbooka in the outer west of the state received 49.4mm.

Farmers have been posting on the 'One Day Closer to Rain' Facebook page to celebrate the downfalls. Image: Zarli McAneney

Oliver Gordon at the West Mooculta Station in Bourke said they had received more than 80 millimetres of rain by Sunday.

"Dad... absolutely over the moon with the rain and bit of relief this will bring haven't seen a smile like this for a long time on him," he said on Facebook.

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Gordon posted videos on his family rolling on the waterlogged ground which as ankle deep in some parts.

"The drought will not be over till the fat cows can't be seen for grass but this much needed rain will certainly bring some much needed relief and Smiles across the country," he said.

The West Mooculta Station in Bourke received more than 80 millimetres of rain. Image: Oliver Ozzey Gordon

But while farmers are celebrating, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the downpours aren't enough to bring lasting relief from the drought.

"Australia at present has got some challenges in the agricultural sector, but I was very pleased to hear the reports of rain overnight," he told a business breakfast in Bangkok on Monday.

"We know that rain of itself is not drought-breaking, but I would say that it has been a tremendous encouragement to those western districts of NSW in particular, who have been looking forward to that."

"But our agricultural sector, despite the fact that we face droughts and floods, remains strong like all sectors of the Australian economy."

Angus Barclay in drought ravaged Warren. Image: Krystle Wright/supplied

Nationals leader Michael McCormack warned the drought crippling Australia will take years to recover from, despite heavy rainfall during the weekend.

"This is great. But one downpour doesn't end the drought, it doesn't solve the problem in the drought-stricken communities," McCormack told reporters.

"It has settled the dust. It's going to top up some damns. A bit of a green sheet across those very dry areas but it's not going to solve the drought."

"The drought is going to take many months and indeed years to recover from."



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McCormack, who is acting prime minister while Morrison is overseas, said the government would be discussing later this week what more it could do for drought-stricken communities.

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Feature Image: Zarli McAneney