Woolies Christmas Stubby Holder's Glaring Spelling Blunder

Woolworths supermarkets have pulled a Christmas-themed stubby holder after one of the keywords was misspelled.

Pictures of the stubby holder were shared on Facebook over the weekend, where people commented on the glaring typo plastered across the product.

The blue-patterned item had the words 'Merry Christhmas' printed in bright orange across the front.

Presumably, the words should read 'Merry Christmas'.

Wollies Stubby
Merry Christmas from Woolies. Image: Facebook.

10 daily understands the stubby holders did not make it to stores as the mistake was noticed by staff before the items could be stocked.

According to, the images were likely shared by Woolworths staff, after they noticed the spelling mistake.



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Regardless, the images attracted lots of jocular comments on social media, with most enjoying a laugh over the simple mistake.

Wollies Stubby
The image could have been shared by Woolworths employees. Image: Facebook.

“When the recall come (sic) through last night myself and staff laughed so hard,” one person wrote on the original image post.

“No it’s right, you slur your words when you’re drunk,” another joked.

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