Canberra Is The Same-Sex Capital Of Australia

Canberrans are 50 percent more likely to be in same-sex relationships than any other major city in Australia.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) does not ask respondents their sexual orientation, but it does record those who are living with a partner of the same sex.

Using this data, it is possible to make a conservative estimate of the same-sex attracted population, the ABC reported.

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According to ABS Census data, Canberra has the highest number of same-sex couples in the country, making up 1.4 percent of couples in the city.

Male-only couples account for 0.6 percent of couples while female-only couples make up 0.8 percent.

Sydney comes in next, with 1.28 percent, followed closely by Cairns at 1.25 percent.

Melbourne (1.13 percent), Brisbane (1.07 percent) and Hobart (1.02 percent) round out the top five cities (with more than 25,000 couples) in Australia.

Toowoomba in southern Queensland has the lowest number of same-sex couples in Australia at 0.49 percent.

Couples in Canberra are 50 percent more likely to be in same-sex relationships compared to the rest of the country.

While it is not known why, the ACT has long been at the forefront of equality.



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The NT wants to C U there but the ACT is fast becoming the place to be.

While the Federal Government only legalised same-sex marriage in 2017, the ACT Legislative Assembly attempted to do so in 2013.

It had similarly tried in 2006 to allow same-sex couples to be allowed civil unions, giving them the same legal rights as married couples.

However the Commonwealth overturned both of these laws.

People celebrate the result announcement on November 15, 2017 in Sydney, Australia. Image: Getty

On Friday, the ACT Government introduced legislation to ban the practice of conversion therapy by 2020.

ACT Labor Leader Andrew Barr, who is Australia's first openly gay head of government, tweeted that the practice was "harmful and outdated".

"Being told that you are broken, can break you," he said.

"LGBT Canberrans are not sick or unnatural and we do not need to be ‘changed’, ‘cured’, ‘converted’, ‘healed’ or whatever term is used by practitioners harmful and outdated 'conversion therapy."

Barr went on to say that every major medical association has publicly condemned conversion practices.

"However, they continue to take place, increasingly outside of the health system, and often in dubious religious contexts," he said.