'The Project' Hosts Left In Tears After Interview With Aya Maasarwe's Family

The Project panel has been reduced to tears, after a moving interview with the family of Aya Maasarwe.

On Thursday, Lisa Wilkinson sat down with Aya's father, Saeed, and sister, Noor, as they spoke about life without her.

Aya's killer, Codey Herrmann, was sentenced to 36 years jail on Tuesday and will be eligible for parole after 30 years.



Codey Herrmann Sentenced To 36 Years In Jail For Murder Of Aya Maasarwe

The man who violently raped and murdered 21-year-old exchange student Aya Maasarwe has been sentenced in a Melbourne court, as her family faced him for the first time.

Photo: Twitter/Candice Wyatt

Saeed remembers his daughter as a "very special woman", and said it's not just his family who has suffered a loss.

"We are happy to have the chance to live with Aya for 21 years," he said.

"This is not just our loss, this is all of society [sic] loss, and all of the world has lost this wonderful woman."

Saeed Maasarwe would give his daughters "the stars" if they asked. Image: The Project

The family was supposed to visit Melbourne and spend time with Aya, and Noor now wears a badge with a photo of her sister so she can be with them.

"We were going to visit here, so it's just have her in the photos I will take because she was supposed to visiting with us, all these places," Noor said.

"It doesn't give me strength, it's just a way to show as if I brought her here."

Herrmann wrote a letter to the family prior to his sentencing, and ended it by saying "don't give in to hate like I did".

Despite Herrmann taking his daughter, Saeed insists there is no hate towards him.

"We don't hate the people, we never hate the people, we wish the people just the good," he said.

"Even for him we wish to be normal and to be positive people, we don't want anyone to be in the situation."

Noor Maasarwe said she has lost her best friend and her dreams. Image: The Project

But for Noor, there will no forgiveness for her sister's killer.

"I'm very angry actually, you can't just forgive him," she said.

"She was a very big part of my life, she wasn't only my sister, she was my best friend, and she was also my dreams, and now I have to do all of that on my own, to accomplish my dream and her dreams as well."



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Noor said the family will one day move forward, because Aya wouldn't want them to live life in sadness.

"We have to move forward, there is no other direction," she said.

"I don't think Aya wants us to just stay in the dark.

"She would want us to be happy and to live in the moment and to enjoy our life just as she did."

The Project panel was visibly distressed after the interview. Image: The Project

After the interview, The Project panel were lost for words, with Tommy Little and Rachel Corbett struggling to keep their composure.

"It's really impossible to say anything that means anything after viewing that, but I think it's fair to say that we all just feel so terribly sorry," Hamish Macdonald said.

Aya's family has started a medical fellowship in her honour to support Palestinian doctors training in Israeli hospitals.

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