Three-Year-Old Hospitalised After Eating Drug In Halloween Lollies

A mother and her daughter had a frightening end to Halloween when the three-year-old was rushed to hospital after eating Halloween lollies which were infected with a drug in Melbourne's north-west.

Abbey from Bacchus Marsh had been trick-or-treating at around 8pm in Hallets Way on Thursday night, Victoria police told 10 daily.

Her mother, Tara phoned an ambulance after seeing that her daughter started going white.

"The child went and grabbed lollies and that's when the mother noticed that her child had taken something that didn't look like lollies," a neighbour told 10 daily.

"She was going pale and looked so in doubt, and when she was standing on the ground, she was wobbling. While the paramedics were treating the little girl that's when she turned for the worst," she said.

Image: AAP

It's believed Abbey ingested lollies that were contaminated with an antipsychotic prescription medication called 'Seroquel'.

The medication is used to treat bipolar and schizophrenia.

The preschool-aged child was taken to Sunshine Hospital in a stable condition.



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Police said inquiries are continuing but it does not appear that there was malicious intent behind the incident.

Officers said they are treating this as an isolated incident and have not received any other reports of any similar incidents in the area.

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