Is This Australia's Spookiest Halloween Street?

They call it 'Zombie Parade', where thousands of trick-or-treaters from across the city descend on Halloween night.

Most of the houses on sleepy Railway Parade, in leafy Annandale in Sydney's inner-west, have been decked out in jack-o-lanterns, spiderwebs and spooky signage.

Preparations have been made for hordes of trick-or-treaters to fill the street on Thursday night, when October 31 rolls around.

It might be an unlikely candidate for Australia's spookiest Halloween street -- a little crescent-shaped road alongside a light rail line and skinny creek draining out to Darling Harbour -- but pound for pound, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better entrant.

They've had enough practice. The street's Halloween tradition stretches back nearly two decades.

'Zombie Parade' in Annandale has a big Halloween display in 2019. Image: 10 daily

"We had a neighbour on one side who was Canadian, she was very into Halloween, and another neighbour on the other side who was from Texas," said homeowner Greg, speaking to 10 daily next to his son Alex.

"It started with putting out some balloons on your letterbox saying you were going to be part of it [trick-or-treating] and from there it just grew and grew."

Greg described his house as "every year a pinnacle of zombies and pirates and dead people."

His family have decked the property out in flags, skulls, and even a special trick-or-treat box with three hand holes -- some contain chocolate and lollies, the others just buckets of toothpaste.



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Decorations on the street include fake graves dug on the nature strip outside houses, headstones inscribed with the names of previous homeowners, spiders, witches, pumpkins, and a large sign at the top of the bend advertising 'Zombie Parade'.

A now-departed resident once set up a fake car wreck full of zombies at the end of the street.

Nearby Balmain, just over the other side of the water, was named by Woolworths as one of Australia's biggest pumpkin-buying suburbs this Halloween.

Residents have decorated their homes with spiderwebs, skeletons, pumpkins and bats. Image: 10 daily

"When you come to something like this and you see lots of children coming down the street, it's community spirit. That's what I like about it," said another homeowner, Jo.

"It represents something that brings people together ... it's a lovely thing to see."

Do you know a better Halloween street? Have you gone to great lengths to decorate your house this year? Let us know!