How Does Chris Hemsworth's New 'Philausophy' Campaign Stack Up?

Chris Hemsworth is once again the face of Australia for a new campaign to bring tourists Down Under.

Tourism Australia's campaign is all about the nation's laid back way of life -- or our 'philausophy'.

Hollywood star Hemsworth was on hand at the Sydney Opera House on Wednesday to launch the new campaign.

It's centred around nine "philausophies" that underpin the Australian way of life, including: mateship, a love of nature, a sense of adventure, a no worries attitude and boundless optimism.

Robert and Terri Irwin joined Chris Hemsworth to launch the campaign. Image: AAP

Hemsworth, a global ambassador for Tourism Australia, talked up the "incredible environment we have at our fingertips, the great outdoors that are available to all of us", the coast and the bush.

"We're immediately drawn outside and I think we become obsessed with, you know, the adventurous spirit that becomes embedded in all of us," he said.

Chris Hemsworth has become a mainstay of Tourism Australia campaigns. Image: AAP

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Tourism advertisements for Australia become hot topics of conversation, as the public debates the way Australians are portrayed to the rest of the world.

Previous campaigns have become legendary and part of the Aussie vernacular,  while others have been remembered for all the wrong reasons.

1984-1999: "Throw Another Shrimp On The Barbie"

It's been more than 30 years since Crocodile Dundee uttered those famous words.

Arguably Australia's most famous tourism campaign, it saw the Land Down Under rocket from the 78th most desired holiday destination for American tourists to number one within months.

While 'throw another shrimp on the barbie' became the line we all remember, the actual slogan of the campaign was 'Come and Say G'Day'.

Paul Hogan catapulted Australia to become a must-see destination for tourists. Image: Tourism Australia

2006: "So Where The Bloody Hell Are You?"

This one sentence launched Lara Bingle into international stardom.

However, the campaign was a total disaster and was banned from billboards in many countries, including the U.K. and Canada.

The then-Prime Minister Kevin Rudd even admitted the advert was a "rolled gold disaster".

The advert has been remembered for all the wrong reasons. Image: Tourism Australia

2008: Come Walkabout

This campaign was launched off the back of Baz Luhrmann's 'Australia' movie and was intended to capitalise on the movie hype.

The concept of the campaign was 'walkabout', an important rite of passage in Indigenous culture.

It was centred around the idea of seeing a visit to Australia as a transformative one.

The advert was also directed by Baz Luhrmann. Image: Tourism Australia

2010- Current:  "There's Nothing Like Australia"

This campaign focused on the natural wonders of Australia and has had a number of spin-offs.

Tourism Australia sourced its stories and photos from the Australian public through a competition. However, the strict licensing agreements were criticised by the Australian Copyright Council after it was revealed those entered signed over all rights to their photos and stories to Tourism Australia.

Spin-offs have included 'Restaurant Australia', which highlighted the culinary delights of the nation, and 'Aquatic and Coastal', which featured Chris Hemsworth showing off the watery scenes of Australia.

2013: The Best Jobs In The World

This campaign came off the back of a the wildly successful Tourism Queensland campaign '2009 Best Job In The World', that saw one lucky winner spend six months on Hamilton Island as 'caretaker'.

Tourism Australia took it national, teaming up with state and territory tourism organisations and companies like IKEA, Sony Music and Virgin Australia.

Eighteen finalists from 12 countries were flown to Australia to compete in a week of challenges to fight it out for the jobs.

The campaign was targeted at younger travellers to encourage them to apply for working holiday visas to visit Australia.

2018:  Dundee Super Bowl Ad

Tourism Australia tapped into the advertisement machine that is the Super Bowl -- the most watched television event annually in the U.S..

When the advert, featuring Chris Hemsworth, first began, many thought it was a sequel to Crocodile Dundee, but the 60 second slot was soon revealed to be a tourism push showcasing some of Australia's beautiful landscapes.

Tourism Australia took it step further later in the year, launching part two of the campaign "Dundee Movie: Visit The Set'.

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Chris Hemsworth's brother, Luke, was featured in the advert that encouraged tourists to visit the 'set' of the famous movie, which was actually Australia's landscapes and unique experiences.

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