Kmart Fans Applaud Same-Sex Family Doll Sets

Kmart is selling same-sex family doll sets and shoppers are celebrating the new inclusive range.

The retail store has released 'Family Playset' dolls that are inclusive for same-sex couples.

There are three different sets, which each include two parents, a child, a baby doll, a dog and accessories.

One set comes with male and female parents, while the other two feature same-sex couples.

The sets come with four dolls, a dog and accessories. Image: Kmart

Shoppers on multiple Kmart Facebook fan pages were excited at the new stock additions, after a user posted a photo of the sets.

"Finally I can buy one for my son that represents our family" one poster said. 

Her sentiment was echoed by many other parents.



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Other posters soon began commenting their approval at the inclusive toys.

While there was debate over the inclusion of the toys, a majority of the response was positive.

Other users were not happy with the inclusive family sets and believed they were not necessary.

"Kids don't notice what the dolls are," said one commenter.

"No thanks," said another.

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Users were quick to defend Kmart and the doll sets.

"My daughter figured out pretty quick that she has two mums," one person replied to a comment.

"Don't buy them then," said another.

The dolls retail at $15 for a set and are only available online.