Schoolboy Says Classmate Who Allegedly Stabbed Teacher Had Been 'Very Sad Lately'

A Queensland primary school student claims an 11-year-old classmate who allegedly stabbed a teacher had threatened other students moments before the terrifying attack.

Emergency services were called to a primary school in Townsville, where a female teacher was allegedly stabbed by a student about 12pm on Monday.

Another student told 10 News First that a girl had threatened her classmates with a knife before the alleged attack.

"I was in class ... and I looked in the back and found the girl with the knife, and she poked it at a kid," the schoolboy claimed.

"She poked the knife at the kid really closely, and I was shocked like 'why would she bring a knife and why would she bring it in the classroom, in the middle of the classroom?'"

Police are investigating after a student allegedly stabbed a teacher. Image: 10 News First

The boy alleged his classmate had expressed plans to stab a number of students but he had believed she was only joking.

"She was like 'oh I'm going to stab this person and I'm going to stab this person'," he said.

"I got really concerned because I knew I wasn't supposed to say anything, because if I did she would get angry at me.

"And I just shielded it out and was like 'yeah okay', because I thought she was joking."

Police would not comment on the boy's claims.

A teacher was taken to hospital with a small wound to the back of the shoulder. Image: 10 News First

On Monday teachers rushed to move students to safety and placed the school in lockdown during the alleged attack. 

Police confirmed an 11-year-old female student had been tasered, before being taken to hospital on Monday afternoon.

"A student at the school who was armed with a knife was taken into custody by police and a taser was deployed during that incident," Senior Sergeant Scot Warrick said.

A girl was taken to hospital following the attack. Image: 10 News First

Queensland Ambulance Service confirmed a female teacher, 56, suffered a small non-life threatening stab wound to the back of her shoulder. She was taken to hospital as a precaution.

The classmate who spoke to 10 News First after the alleged attack said the student involved had "been very sad lately". He claimed her mother had recently died.

The incident has left students shaken and feeling unsafe at the school, the student claimed.

"If I was the one almost getting stabbed I would be very terrified," he said.

"I think they (the students) will (move on) but some students won't because it's really stuck in their mind what has happened," he said.

The schoolgirl is assisting police with their inquiries.