Scientists Pen Open Letter Calling For Stronger Environment Laws

More than 240 scientists have penned an open letter to the prime minister urging him to strengthen Australia's environment laws in a forthcoming review.

The scientists point to extinction rates for native species, warning that another 17 animals could go extinct over the next two decades.

"Through our work we know intimately just how important the diversity of Australia's natural world is to the fabric of our nation and our social and economic prosperity," the letter says.



Why Is Our Environment Minister Ignoring Media While The Planet Is Cooking?

This week, the entire world got the deeply unsettling news that we have little more than a decade to enact "rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented" changes to prevent the planet from cooking.

"Sadly, our work also tells us Australia is amid an extinction crisis.

"Our extinction crisis is primarily a result of habitat destruction, invasive species, altered fire regimes, disease and climate change damage."

An independent review of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act is due to begin by the end of this month.