More Private School Boys Filmed Singing Misogynistic Chant In Act Of Defiance

More footage has surfaced of schoolboys allegedly from Melbourne's prestigious St Kevin's College, appearing to be defiant of their principal who slammed students earlier this week for performing an offensive chant of a tram.

The new footage, which was provided to 10 daily by a female year 12 student from a neighbouring school, is claimed to show more St Kevin's students chanting the same song linked to the controversy.

10 daily has chosen not the name the minor who provided the new footage. The young woman said she found the chant "extremely offensive".

"I was shaking when I saw it and all of my friends are really upset, there has been lots of crying," she said on Friday.

In the video, at least five young men dressed in superhero costumes such as Batman's Robin can be heard screaming the controversial chant, in an apparent act of defiance against St Kevin's principal who described the song as 'misogynistic' and 'offensive'.

Their chant, which was allegedly filmed on Monday night, came after several year 10 and 11 students from the elite private school were suspended for singing the same song in public.

The suspensions followed a video of boys in St Kevin's school uniform singing lyrics that included:

I wish that all the ladies / were holes in the road; And if I was a dump truck / I’d fill them with my load.
Students 'Offensive' Chant On Public Transport

In response to the original video, filmed on Saturday on a Melbourne tram, principal Stephen Russell wrote to parents on Tuesday saying he was 'upset' and 'angry.'

"We have always and will continue to challenge such poor behaviour and misogynistic attitudes through programs at school and with the cooperation of parents."

"On behalf of the college I apologise unreservedly for the offence and inconvenience caused by this group of students," Russell said.

On Friday, a female student who attends a nearby school said her friends recognised some of the boys in the second video, despite the fact they were in costumes.

"I would have thought that given what happened on the tram and these boys are year 12 and are meant to be leaders, they would know better," she told 10 daily.

In a newsletter that followed his letter to parents, Russell alluded to more instances of this chant circulating.

"Sadly, we are aware that the use of the misogynistic language such as in the chant on Saturday, is more widespread than we understood and this knowledge has intensified our determination to resolutely reshape our programs and to look to do so much more in this area," Russell wrote.

"So many of their peers and men who went before them, and our current students, will be outraged by such callous disregard for women,"

St Kevin's College declined to comment when asked about the new footage.

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