Watch This Unlucky In Love Bird’s Desperate Attempt To Find Her Mate

Andy the plains-wanderer is a bit unlucky in love.

Video captured at Victoria's Werribee Open Range Zoo has shown Andy's desperate attempts at wooing her mate, Roony.

The pair of critically endangered birds have been living in a specially-designed breeding facility at the zoo, with the hope that they will like each other enough to breed.

The plains-wanderer bird species is critically endangered. Image: Werribee Open Range Zoo

Footage shows Andy darting around the enclosure from plant-to-plant, as she hopes to catch Roony's eye.

But he doesn't seem too interested in her 'peacocking'.

Despite this, the love birds' story has a happy ending. The zoo says things are looking "positive" for the pair.

“Since this video, we’ve seen numerous courtship displays, including vocalisations and mating attempts, so it’s looking very positive,” Threatened Species Keeper Yvette Pauligk said.

Andy has been chasing Roony around the enclosure in an attempt to mate. Image: Werribee Open Range Zoo

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The plains-wanderer has seen a dramatic decline in population due to the destruction of its native grasslands habitat and the threat from introduced foxes.

“These birds’ genetics are extremely important for the captive breeding program so we really hope we have a successful outcome from them," Pauligk said.