Workers Injured After Cement Truck Pump Explodes In Melbourne

Four men at a worksite in Melbourne's CBD have been taken to hospital after a cement truck pump exploded at a construction site.

Emergency services were called to the worksite at Southbank just before 1pm where they found the injured workers.

Police believe a cement truck pump at the construction site dislodged whilst pouring cement, injuring the four men.

All four have been taken to hospital and police said two of the men are in a serious but stable condition.

Image: 10 News First

A witness told 10 News First he saw two workers on the ground as others from the site ran to help them.

"All the other construction men ran towards them yelling 'someone call an ambulance,'" Sam Carapella said.

"It wasn't looking too good."

Carapella said within minutes the site was packed with police, ambulance and fire crews.

Victoria Police said a vehicle that had been travelling past the construction site at the time of the incident was also hit by cement, but no one inside the car was physically injured.

Image: 10 News First

The matter is being investigated by WorkSafe.

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