PETA Calls For Roadside Memorial For Chickens Killed In SA Truck Crash

Animal rights activists have proposed a roadside memorial after several chickens were killed in a fiery Adelaide truck crash.

A blaze broke out in the rear trailer of a B-double truck at about 4am Wednesday on the Northern Expressway north of the CBD, police said.

A number of chickens died in the inferno, while the rest will need to be euthanised.

Animal rights group PETA said it has written to the state government requesting permission to erect a roadside tombstone memorial at the crash site.

The tribute would feature an image of a chicken and the words "in memory of the chickens who suffered and died at this spot".

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"Animals raised and killed for food suffer from the day they're born until the day they're loaded onto trucks for the terrifying journey to the abattoir, where their throats are cut - sometimes while they're still conscious", PETA spokesperson Emily Rice said.

"We hope our memorial will prompt people not to eat animals or - at the absolute least - remind truck drivers to make animals' transport to slaughter as safe and comfortable as possible."