Please Poop Between The Flags: Cassowary Stops Surf Lifesaving Carnival

A surf lifesaving carnival in far north Queensland came to a shuddering stop when a giant cassowary wandered into the flag arena to make poo-fectly clear it wasn't happy with the crowd.

With nippers and budding future lifesavers watching on at Etty Bay, the big flightless bird picked its way through the sands and let out a giant poop in the middle of the arena.

The kids squealed, the parents laughed and a brave official stepping very carefully tried to herd the intruder away from the carnival.

There was a brief delay before the nippers aged 11-14 battling for the flag returned to the arena as officials cleared away the offending offering.

Surf Life Saving North Queensland manager Rob Davidson said the birds are regulars at the Etty Bay beach which is surrounded by rainforest.

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In July, footage of one of the birds hanging out with local beachgoers raised the concerns of experts.

The curious cassowary -- a member of the world's most dangerous bird species -- can be seen snooping through people's belongings on the sand.

Cassowary expert Dr Graham Lauridsen said the birds are so friendly with people because they associate them with food, but issued a warning.

"If people pull food away from them or if young children move quickly or startle the birds, something serious is sure to happen sooner or later," Dr Lauridsen told Tropic Now.

"These birds can weigh up to 75 kilograms, stand 180 centimetres tall and have a razor-sharp dagger-like claw on the inside toe of each leg that they will use as a weapon."