Dob On-The-Job: The New App That's Saving Lives

Coming home from work is a necessity, not just a privilege, says Patrizia Cassaniti, whose son Christopher was killed while working on a construction site in Sydney.

She’s spent the last six months without her son campaigning in his honour, and on Wednesday she had a workplace safety win launching the ‘Speak Up’ app.

It’s an online reporting tool that’s been developed in conjunction with the NSW Government and SafeWork NSW that allows employers to report unsafe sites.

Most importantly, it’s anonymous.

“A lot of people have given it the thumbs up because the culture, unfortunately, is that they’re too afraid to speak up, they feel if they do speak up they're going to lose their jobs,” she said. 

Patrizia Cassaniti with the Speak Up app. Image: 10 News First

That culture of ‘fearing the repercussions’ was made clear when 10 News First spoke to a worker about the death of a colleague on the job, and they wished to remain nameless.

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They said “nothing” had been done to improve conditions, that they were simply told to “get back to work, get on with it”.

“I was disgusted, really disgusted and saddened,” they said.

“We suffered the loss of a very good friend and co-worker and it feels like it meant nothing to them – he was just replaceable."

Workmates Celebrate Christopher Cassaniti's 18th Birthday Days Before He Died In A Scaffolding Collapse

They are welcoming the introduction of the app which not only documents unsafe practices but can also include photos and GPS coordinates.

“This is a gamechanger for safety on worksites in New South Wales,” Minister for Better Regulation, Kevin Anderson told reporters.

“It will start to change the culture of the way safety is viewed on worksites (because) bosses on-site know they’re gonna get pinged ... if they put someone in an unsafe position."

Once a report is made it will be prioritised by SafeWork NSW and then based on the risk, inspectors will be dispatched to sites to take appropriate action.

The reports can also be used down the track to assist prosecutions.

The website is already live and can be found at