Australia's Next $50 Million Lotto Winner Still Hasn't Come Forward

One lucky Australian is $50 million richer but they don't even know it yet, meaning it's time to check your Oz Lotto tickets.

A search is underway for the ticket holder who took out the entire Oz Lotto jackpot on Tuesday night.

Lotto officials confirmed there was only one Division One winning entry in the draw but they've yet to come forward.

The ticket, which was purchased in the southern Sydney region of Macarthur, was not registered to a player card so officials have no way of contacting the winner.

“There is a good chance one player has woken up this morning $50 million richer and they just don’t know it!” Bronwyn Spencer from the national Lotto organisation The Lott said.

“There are 50 million reasons why all Macarthur region players who had an entry should check their ticket."

Someone from NSW has a golden ticket for $50 million. Image: AAP

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The winning numbers from the $50m draw were 5, 32, 22, 13, 20, 25 and 42, while the supplementary numbers were 21 and 23.

If you do happen to discover you're the lucky ticket-holder, hold onto it tight and call 131 868 to claim the prize.

This is the 10th time this year someone has won a division one prize, with $285 million claimed so far.