Police Gain Greater Airport Powers Under New Law

Police are set to get more powers to demand identity checks at airports despite the federal government left to iron out a botched upper house vote.

Minor party Centre Alliance won a narrow vote in the Senate on Monday night to insert a four-year sunset clause into legislation bolstering police powers at airports.

The coalition is likely to seek another vote on Tuesday after losing 30-29 on the amendments after conservative independent Cory Bernardi missed a division.

The Centre Alliance changes to the bill would also mean the powerful Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security would review the measures in three years.

Labor's home affairs spokesman Kristina Keneally poked fun at the government for losing the vote.

"This is the latest chapter in the comedy of errors that is the Morrison government," she said.

"The Liberals started the day by accidentally sharing their talking points with the entire press gallery and finished it by stuffing up a vote in the Senate."

The bill allows officers to carry out identity checks without cause.

Under the new powers, police will also be able to direct a person to leave an airport or not take a flight for up to 24 hours.