Tributes For Toddler Killed In Child Care Centre Car Park

Tributes for a toddler who was fatally hit by a car have appeared at the daycare centre where she was killed.

The three-year-old from Broadmeadows was killed at 4.45pm on Monday after a car hit her in the carpark of the Kiddy Palace Learning Centre on McDonald's Road in Epping in Melbourne's north.

A 26-year-old woman, who is reportedly heavily pregnant, was inside the car with three children. She was helping one of the children, who was in the back seat of her car, when the vehicle suddenly reversed, according to Victoria Police.

The car struck the three-year-old girl and a woman, also from Broadmeadows.

The child was fatally struck in the centre's car park. Image: 10 News First.

The three-year-old child died at the scene and the Broadmeadows woman was taken to hospital, where she was treated for shock.

Detective Sergeant Daryll Out described the girl's death as a "terrible incident".

Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the child's death.  Image: 10 News First.

"We certainly urge anybody who's around children to be very careful and mindful that terrible accidents such as these can occur if everyone is not paying full attention to what they are doing," he said.

Tributes have started to appear at the daycare centre, with some people leaving flowers and toys in remembrance of the toddler.

Tributes have started to appear at the centre. Image: Twitter/Jayde Cotic.

The little girl or her family has not been identified at this stage.

Police confirmed to media on Tuesday morning that they are still piecing together the exact circumstances that lead to the car reversing and the child's death.

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