Car Driven Through Police Line As Climate Protesters Block Bridge

A woman has driven a car through a police line on a major Brisbane bridge as climate protesters blocked the thoroughfare.

The woman was in a white vehicle with an unspecified number of children when she broke through a line of police on the William Jolly Bridge in Brisbane's CBD on Friday morning.

The police were trying to contain members of the Extinction Rebellion group who blocked the bridge between 10 am and midday as part of week-long demonstrations urging the government to take further action on climate change.

The car stopped short of the protesters and the woman was dragged from the car by police after the incident. It's unclear if anyone was hurt.

The car that drove through a police line.Photo: 10 News First Queensland.

10 News First understands the woman had a 'Stop Adani' sign inside the car and was part of the protest.

Hundreds of climate protesters started to take over the bridge from about 10am on Friday and threatened to stay there until 6pm.

More than 100 protesters stepped onto the bridge at 10.15 am and sat down on the road, which blocked traffic in both directions.

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Police watching protesters on the William Jolly Bridge. Image: Twitter/Johnpaul Gonzo.

Protesters chanted and carried a variety of signs and flags as police watched on. People were ordered off the bridge by police roughly an hour after the demonstration started, but some refused to budge.

Police forcibly removed a number of demonstrators from the road and traffic flow started resumed at about midday Brisbane time.

Ten people were reportedly arrested during the protest.

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Extinction Rebellion has staged protesters all over the world in the last five days, urging world leaders to take decisive action on climate change through policy development.

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