Queensland Council Investigating Conduct Of Bachelorette Contestant Jess Glasgow

Bachelorette contestant Jess Glasgow is being investigated over conduct allegations following the season's premiere, his employer has confirmed.

Glasgow, who works in local government in Queensland, is being investigated for an alleged breach of conduct, following Wednesday night's episode.

His appearance on Angie Kent's season of The Bachelorette, which is aired on Network 10,  was uncomfortable viewing.

While there was nothing overtly malicious in Glasgow's actions, his on-screen behaviour towards Angie and attitude prompted both Angie and fellow contestants to express their concerns.

In one instance, Glasgow presented Angie with keys to his apartment but said she would have to "work" for his home address.

He was also at the centre of a drama when he was filmed allegedly telling other contestants he "wouldn't accept" Angie's special rose.

Angie Kent is the latest Bachelorette. Photo: Network 10.

Glasgow, who is an elected councillor in the Shire of Noosa on the Sunshine Coast, will now be the subject of an investigation by the Office of the Independent Assessor, the council has confirmed.

Noosa Mayor Tony Wellington has confirmed he will refer Glasgow to the assessor, saying his behaviour on The Bachelorette was not reflective of the council or Noosa community values.

"Cr Glasgow did not seek approval from myself and I only found out about his involvement after the show had been recorded," Wellington said.

Wellington added that while Glasgow was not representing Noosa Council on the program, he was "aware that his occupation as a councillor was frequently referred to on the show."

Jess Glasgow wore a cape for most of the episode on Wednesday. Photo: Network 10.

10 daily understands the council will wait to refer Glasgow until all of the episodes that feature him have aired.

His council colleagues either declined to comment or could not be reached when approached by 10 daily on Thursday morning.

The Office of the Independent Assessor confirmed to 10 daily it will review the complaint if and when it is received from Noosa Council.

"Complaints about councillor conduct are then assessed to determine if they amount to misconduct or inappropriate conduct," Independent Assessor Kathleen Florian told 10 daily.

This could range from a warning, or to something more severe -- although it is unlikely Glasgow will be fired based on what was aired on Wednesday.

He cannot be fired by the assessor.

Glasgow could not be reached for comment.

However, in an interview with 10 daily prior to the season airing he said he wasn't worried about potential career ramifications that could stem from taking part in the show.

"I went there with an open heart looking for love and I never said a bad word about anyone, I thought Angie was a great girl, I went on there looking for the future mother of my children," he said.

"And there’s no hard feelings doing that ... I’m not a bad person and I didn’t do anything spiteful or saying anything [malicious]."

Episode two airs tonight at 7.30pm on 10 and the WIN Network.

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