What The Truck? Massive VB Spill Clogs NSW Highway

It’s an image that will bring a tear to the eye of any seasoned froth fiend - countless cartons of Victoria Bitter have been lost in a truck crash.

Clean-up crews will have a hard-earned thirst after mopping up this beer bungle, following the truck accident on the NSW north coast.

The incident was reported on Tuesday morning at Glenthorne, near Taree.

Significant delays on the crucial Pacific Highway have been ongoing all day, following the truck crash which scattered a huge load of beer all over the road.

10 daily's Wade Shipard was on the scene to capture the carnage first-hand. He said traffic had been backed up for 30 minutes southbound, approaching the scene of the crash.

What The Truck? Image: Wade Shipard

As of 12pm Tuesday, one southbound lane of the two-lane highway is still closed, as crews work to mop up the frothy mess.

Police and ambulance responded to the scene, but nobody involved required medical transport.

VB later shared a post on Facebook, advising the driver had not been injured.

It's not known exactly how much of the truck's cargo is spoiled, but no doubt many of those on the road and delayed would be happy to help out with "disposal" of any leftover beer.

Any volunteers to help clean up this delicious disaster?