Outrage Over Elite School's 'Diabolical' Handling Of Sexual Assault Allegations

A female student at Victoria's Geelong Grammar has alleged she was forced to perform oral sex on a male student on school grounds.

The 18-year-old student has alleged she was sexually assaulted by a male student in late August, in a study room.

The alleged victim reported the incident to the police, but a copy of a letter from Victoria Police to her, seen by 10 daily, says it is "not in a position to prosecute this person due to insufficient evidence".

It is understood the male student said the act was consensual.

Geelong Grammar School has an expulsion policy for sex acts on campus, however, there have been no expulsions in relation to this matter.

"I’m absolutely outraged. Outraged and ignored. My daughter and I have never sensed any degree of empathy or any degree of this being taken seriously," the daughter’s father told 10 daily.

Speaking to 10 daily the alleged victim said she had been left stunned by the situation and has had anxiety and trouble sleeping since it occurred.  She said her and the male students were acquaintances and not friends.  She is frustrated at how the situation has been handled.

"I don't feel like the school ultimately took my complaint as seriously as it should have been. The school told me, I had to do things differently such as changing [classes], but did nothing similar for the attacker," she said.

"I feel treated much differently and to a lesser extent than others in similar situations. Having seen the boy on campus many times since the attack made me feel like my complaint was being ignored."

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Victoria Police has confirmed they investigated an alleged sexual assault at a school in Geelong.

“The matter was investi­gated and it was determined that no further police action was required,” Victoria police said in a statement.

"Our complaint is not about the police it’s about the diabolical handling by the school," the girl’s father said.

He said the final few weeks of last term were “hell” for his daughter, who despite reporting the alleged incident, still had to see the male student at school every day.

"They should have at least suspended him pending the outcome of this investigation, but they just let this kid walk free," he said.

Upon requesting the alleged perpetrator be expelled for breaching the school’s sex on campus policy, her father said he shocked that a school leader suggesting expelling the boy would mean expelling his daughter too.

“I said, ‘you’re going to expel the girl for reporting an [alleged assault] on your campus? Are you really going to do that?’,” he said.

The school is still investigating the incident.

“The alleged incident ­involved two current senior school students. That investigation has been completed and no charges have been laid. The school’s internal pro­cesses are still in progress,” Geelong Grammar principal Rebecca Cody said in a statement.

10 daily understands the school appointed an external investigator to look into the case.

The female student, who is sitting her final exams this term has been assured that the boy won't be at school the days she sits the exams.

But Cody said the school was supporting all parties involved.

“The school has offered support to both individuals ­involved and their families during the investigation process, guided by the principles of child safety, compassion, protecting confidentiality and privacy, and ensuring natural justice and procedural fairness for all,” she said.

Her father said his daughter is suffering following the alleged incident.

He said she is unable to concentrate or study for her VCE exams and is being supported by a private psychologist.

"She's a wreck, she goes from angry to sad, it’s terrible," the alleged victim's father said.

In a letter sent to parents on Tuesday from Cody, she addresses the alleged incident and said it is 'deeply troubling' that the 'private matters involving young and vulnerable students'  had been made public, with media having been approached.

"Context is crucial and given the sensitivity of such matters, very few people are privy to critical details concerning the parties involved. Unhelpful chatter may give rise to a gross misrepresentation of the facts and lead to wrong and pre-emptive conclusions" the letter states.

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