Perth Nightclub Owner Slams Woman As 'Attention-Seeking Liar' Over Drink Spiking Claims

The owner of a Perth nightclub that has been hit with drink-spiking allegations, has called the woman at the centre of claims against the venue an “attention-seeker” and a “liar”.

Neil Scott, who owns and manages the Rapture nightclub in Northbridge, was slammed on social media after he responded to a woman's complaint by asking if she was "worth" having her drink spiked.

The woman, 19, who 10 daily has chosen not to name, messaged Rapture nightclub's Facebook page to say her drink had been spiked and suggested safety measures that could be put in place.

When she didn't receive a reply three days later, she asked again for a response.

Scott replied from the Rapture account asking for proof that the woman's drink had been spiked. He also asked if she was "worth someone trying to spike your drink."

"We believe that no one would be stupid enough to waste their drugs on spiking anyone's drink," he wrote in the response.

Police are now investigating the alleged incident.

In an interview with 10 News First, Scott said he regretted his response "in a way", but then proceeded to double down on his claims.

"I felt the whole thing was just a blow-up," he said.

"Maybe she's just an attention-getting type of girl, she just needed attention ... I think she should get a life."

Scott said he was "just being silly" in his response to the woman, on account of her complaint sent to Rapture's Facebook being "quite a long letter".

Neil Scott manages Rapture nightclub in Perth. Image: 10 News First.

Scott claimed he had reviewed CCTV of the night the woman allegedly attended the venue and spoke to the bar's staff.

He claims he has found no evidence of the woman's drink being spiked.

"It seems to be a big beat up," he said.

"I don't see any real hard evidence of drink spiking. When people say their drink's been spiked, well they certainly have alcohol in their drinks, and alcohol could be the thing that's spiked their drinks.

"[I] definitely think she's lying. Nobody's put anything in her drink other than alcohol."

10 daily has been unable to reach the woman for comment.

However, she has contacted police at the Joondalup Police Station over the incident, which allegedly occurred on Saturday, September 28. Perth Detectives are now investigating.

"The woman believed her drink was spiked and information was taken from her," police said.

Scott insisted Rapture was a safe venue, which would recover after this "beat up" due to locals knowing it was a "good quality venue".

"People say this is the safest nightclub in Northbridge," he said.

He added that people commenting on his Facebook and leaving one-star reviews were "trolls" using "fake names" who were "making up really nasty things".

CCTV footage of the teenager allegedly leaving the club. Image: Supplied.

The alleged incident has sparked a petition calling on Rapture to be closed and for Scott's liquor license be revoked. It has since attracted more than 14,000 signatures.

When contacted by 10 daily, the WA Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor would not comment on the specifics but said it only revoked liquor licences in consultation with other agencies, such as police or the health department.

Police advised anyone who suspects their drink had been spiked to stay with someone they trusted and seek medical attention.

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