Hungry Jack's Offering Plant-Based Burgers

More than one-third of Australians eat a meat-reduced diet and now some fast-food chains are coming to the table with vegetarian alternatives.

Hungry Jack's is the latest group to adapt to the growing demand for meat-free foods and it's now offering customers a plant-based burger patty.

Hungry Jack's claims the new 'Rebel Whopper' has the same protein as the beef original, but also allows customers to make a choice that could be better for their health and for the environment.

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Hungry Jack's has launched the Rebel Whopper. Image: 10 News First

"Zero beef, 100 percent taste and tastes exactly like a Whopper," Hungry Jack's CEO Chris Green told 10 News First.

While the Rebel Whopper is greener, it's not necessarily healthier. The beef original has 645 calories, while the plant-based burger has 673 calories.

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The plant-based alternative has more calories. Image: 10 News First

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Regardless, NSW Greens MP David Shoebridge urged other fast-food chains to offer plant-based items so the impact of meat production on the environment can be limited.

"We need more of these solutions we got limited resources and we need to make sure that what we're eating isn't damaging the planet," Shoebridge told 10 News First.

The new burger patty is greener and vegan. Image: 10 News First

But, nutritionists suggest avoiding processed foods and going with plant-based whole foods as a means of improving diet.

"When we talk about plant-based, I guess from a nutritional perspective, we're talking more fruit and veg, more nuts and seeds those whole foods which are really good for us," nutritionist Sharon Natoli said.

That certainly is plenty of food for thought.

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