Petition To Turn Nightclub Into Women's Refuge After Drink Spiking Allegations

A petition to have a nightclub turned into a women's or homeless refuge has gained nearly 7,000 signatures, after the venue became embroiled in drink-spiking controversy.

The Rapture Nightclub in Northbridge, in Perth's inner suburbs, has been accused of asking a woman if she was "worth" having her drink spiked, after she claimed to come into contact with a 'date rape drug' at the club.

The woman direct messaged the club on Facebook, explaining that she believes her drink was spiked during at night out at the venue. She suggested the club employ more security personnel to make the venue safer for women -- especially as, she claims, it is already considered a 'dodgy' place.

"Just wanted to let you know so you [sic] could try to make some extra precautions to help avoid things like this from happening," the message read.

The woman received a response that appears to have been sent from the Rapture Nightclub Facebook page.

“Why would anyone want to spike your drink? ... Are you worth someone trying to spike your drink?” the response read.

"Would you like a crowd controller to hold your drink for you next time you attend a nightclub?”

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Now a petition has been set up with the aim of turning the club into a women's or homeless refuge.

"We live in 2019, a time when violence against women, including sexual assault, is at epidemic proportions. To create change, we have to stand up for women and give them respect," the petition page on reads.

The petition page claims the nightclub manager doesn't have respect for the people who attend his club.

"We believe that this venue has failed to represent the values or the interests of the people of Perth. We are asking for this venue to be closed down and turned into either a shelter for the homeless or a Women's refuge," the petition page says.

More than 7,000 people have signed the petition.

The petition organisers are also calling for the Department of Liquor and Gaming to revoke Rapture's liquor license.

10 daily had contacted the Department of Liquor and Gaming for comment.

10 daily has reached out to both the manager of the nightclub and the woman who claims her drink was spiked for comment.

There is no suggestion the owner of Rapture has been involved in any disrespectful behaviour.

WA Police told 10 daily they had not received any report over the alleged incident.

The Rapture Nightclub. Photo: Google Maps.

The negative public backlash to the club has also appeared in a few one-star reviews on Google.

"Disgusting behaviour by management. Not even “worth” one star. Would never ever feel safe here," one reviewer wrote on Sunday after seeing the alleged response.

It's unclear if the current Rapture venue would be suitable to become a women's or homeless shelter.

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