Perth Nightclub Allegedly Asks Punter If She Was ‘Worth’ Getting Drink Spiked

A Perth nightclub has been flooded with one-star reviews after its alleged response to a punter’s complaint surfaced on social media.

The punter wrote to Perth’s Rapture Nightclub to report a suspected drink spiking, they alleged occurred at the venue.

The punter claimed they were left unconscious and experienced the effects of a ‘date-rape drug’ after they allegedly consumed drinks from the nightclub’s bar.

In their message, sent via Facebook Messenger to the nightclub’s page, the punter asked the club to consider increasing security following their concerns.

"Just wanted to let you know so u [sic] could try to make some extra precautions to help avoid things like this from happening," the message read.

The venue's alleged response, which appears to have been sent from Rapture’s Facebook page, questioned the punter about whether they were worthy of having their drink spiked.

“Why would anyone want to spike your drink? ... Are you worth someone trying to spike your drink?” the response read.

"Would you like a crowd controller to hold your drink for you next time you attend a nightclub?”

It’s unclear who sent the response from Rapture’s page.

The nightclub is yet to comment about the incident or the response.

Neither the punter nor the nightclub responded to 10 daily's requests for comment.

WA Police told 10 daily they had not received any report over the alleged incident.

Screenshots of the nightclub’s alleged response and the punter’s initial complaint have since gone viral on social media.

Public backlash has resulted in Rapture Nightclub’s business page being flooded with one-star reviews on Google.

"Disgusting behaviour by management. Not even “worth” one star. Would never ever feel safe here," one reviewer wrote on Sunday after seeing the alleged response.

"Unreal that when someone comes to you saying they had their drink spiked at your venue that you would respond saying that they aren’t worth spiking their drink. Absolutely disgusting," another read.