Police Have Had Enough Of Extinction Rebellion

Extinction Rebellion activists are planning a nationwide protesting blitz, but police have had enough.

The environment activists have been causing chaos across Queensland with disruptive protests methods.

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The protest group is now planning a week of "nonviolent civil disobedience" to begin on Monday in Australia's major cities.

Extinction Rebellion protestors on bikes are seen during a rally in Brisbane. Image: AAP

But Queensland Police have hit back, saying Extinction Rebellion has not sought police permission for their planned protests.

Acting Chief Superintendent Tony Fleming said police were planning for mass arrests and would use force in necessary.

"I'm taking officers away from pro-active policing work," he said in a press conference on Friday,

"I respect these people, these people are clearly passionate about it and it clearly matters to them, and I respect their right for that."

Police seen arresting Extinction Rebellion protesters in Brisbane in August. Image: AAP

Fleming condemned the group and their protest tactics, which have seen people glue themselves to roads, carry out mass sit-ins and chain themselves together.

He said it takes officers away from keeping the community safe.

"Weeks like this have a significant impact on our other business, which is about keeping the community safe," he said.

"We don't have police sitting around waiting for something to do, we are taking them off other tasks."

Protesters in Brisbane in August. Image: AAP

Fleming highlighted the difference between Extinction Rebellion's methods and the peaceful protests of the Climate Strike march two weeks ago.

"It contrasts significantly with the numbers of people who behave this way, against the Climate Strike protest we had the other week," he said.

"That was really peaceful, it was actually a bit of a celebration of people who hold strong views."

Extinction Rebellion blocking past of Brisbane's CBD. Image: AAP

Victoria Police have also sounded concerns for Extinction Rebellion's protests, as they say the group has not been forthcoming with information about their plans.

"We are unclear what the protests are going to look like," Commander Tim Hansen from Victoria Police said.

"What we do know is there's going to be disruption across the CBD (Melbourne).

"We are happy to facilitate their protest ... but they have to be honest with us."

Extinction Rebellion has hit back at police, and questioned why they would divert resources away from "real crime".

"We put ourselves there on purpose, we are happy to stay there all day," a spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion South East Queensland said.

"You don't have to spend your resources on our non-violent methods if there are real crimes happening."

The spokesperson told 10 daily that the group had seen more people become "inspired", after seeing the tactics employed by police in the past.