Urgent Recall Issued For 20,000 Of Australia's Most Popular Cars

Thousands of Australians have been told to immediately stop driving their cars as a critical issue has been discovered with certain Holden, Toyota, BMW, Mitsubishi and Honda models.

A new urgent warning over defective Takata airbags in 20,000 Australian cars has been issued that manufacturers say owners must fix immediately, or risk death, even in a minor collision.

Affected models include the Holden Cruze, Honda Jazz, Honda Civic, Toyota Rav4 and Mitsubishi Triton.

Some Honda Civics are involved in the recall. Image: Getty

"The ACCC is urging consumers not to drive these cars at all until the airbag has been replaced," the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission warned in a statement.

  • Holden – 1,843 vehicles – 2010 Holden Cruze
  • Honda – 6,043 vehicles – Honda City MY2012, CR-V MY 2011, Insight MY2012-2013, Jazz MY2012-2014 & Jazz Hybrid MY2012-2013, Honda Civic MY2006-2011, Jazz Hybrid MY2012 and Legend MY2007-2012, Honda Accord MY2001-2007 and Honda MDX MY2003-2006
  • Toyota – 582 vehicles – 2003 – 2005 Toyota Echo and Rav4
  • BMW – 7,909 vehicles – BMW 5 Series (E39) MY2002-2003, BMW 3 Series (E46) MY2001-2006 & BMW X5 (E53) MY2003
  • Mitsubishi – 3,254 vehicles – 2007 – 2014 ML & MN Triton.

The ACCC said owners of these models are entitled to have their vehicles towed to a dealership and have their airbags replaced for free. Some may also be eligible for a free loan vehicle while this replacement is being carried out.

Check if your car is included above. Image: Getty

"Cars with airbags listed as ‘critical’ should not be driven. Classification as ‘critical’ means manufacturers have assessed these airbags as being particularly unsafe," ACCC Deputy Chair Delia Rickard said.

"A Takata airbag misdeployment can result in death or serious injury, even in a minor collision."

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Rickard warned all car owners to check if their vehicles were part of the recall.

Some Toyota RAV4 models have also been recalled. Image: Getty

The ACCC said owners can check their car's status through the following methods:

  • and entering their state/territory and registration plate number or by texting 0487 AIRBAG (247224) and following the prompts
  • The vehicle manufacturer’s website and entering their VIN number in their Recall Database or by contacting them directly for information
  • and checking either the active or future recall lists with further information available about the recall.

"This recall is a rolling recall, which means that more vehicles can be added to the critical category at any time, and we’re urging consumers not to ignore recall messages from manufacturers to get their airbag replaced,” Rickard said.