Sydney Shooter's Texts Reveal He Tried To Have Pregnant Woman Killed

Extraordinary messages reveal Sydney gunman Daniel King had spoken about paying someone to kill the mother of his child.

King, 32, was shot dead by police on Wednesday night after going on a shooting rampage outside his estranged partner Stacey Taylor's home and then St Marys and Penrith police stations.

Tense conversations on Facebook Messenger show a woman had warned Taylor, who is 27 weeks pregnant, that King had paid to have her "stomped".

Daniel King had plotted to kill the mother of his child before his shooting rampage. Image: Instagram

"He's made a payment to have her stomped it was ages ago and they just took his money, but he told me last week it's getting done in the next two weeks," the woman wrote in a message to Taylor's mum, dated September 30.

"Make sure she has moved," she warned in another message.

"If she wants to keep that child keep her away from your house."

Facebook messages between a female associate of Daniel King's and Stacey Taylor's mother. Image: Supplied.

In a different series of messages, on encrypted chat service Wickr, King appears to be talking to someone about violently ending Taylor's pregnancy.

"This should have been down (sic) 15 weeks ago," the messages read.

"It's a real baby now, hey you know that? Like you'll have to kill her.

"She won't just bleed now. She would have a stillborn and have to give birth to a dead baby. You'll have to have her stabbed in the gut that's the only way and you won't do that."

Stacey Taylor, the mother of King's child. Image: Supplied.

Taylor told 10 News First she became pregnant with King's child, after a one night stand, and that he was pressuring her to have an abortion.

"When I found out I was pregnant, I had threats for about three weeks which I told police about but nobody did anything about it," she alleged.

In a third conversation, via text message, King is begging the other woman, who is also pregnant with his child, to stay with him while he "takes care" of the other pregnancy.

"I want a f***ing family, I'm just so scared of f***ing it up so I do it on purpose," he told her.

"But I'm done now, this is me, I'm done playing games let's have this baby and I'm taking care of the other one myself f**k her she do t (sic) deserve my kid."

Daniel King was a bodybuilder and small business owner. Image: Instagram.

Armed with a pump-action 12-gauge shotgun, King is believed to have fired shots into Taylor's western Sydney home on Wednesday night.

The bullets shattered the front windows and pierced the door frame, but no one was injured.

“I heard a massive bang that startled me out of my sleep … and I heard another bang seconds later,” Taylor told 10 News First.

“I’ve gone to my bedroom window, looked outside and I’ve seen Daniel at the bottom of my driveway and he was shooting a shotgun towards my house."

After the shooting at Taylor's home, King drove 15 kilometres to St Marys Police Station and fired a number of shots into the building.

Messages on chat messenger Wickr, which appear to be between Daniel and a male associate. Image: Supplied.

He then drove to Penrith Police Station and began shooting at police officers, who returned fire.

He was shot by officers and died at the scene.

One police officer was transported to hospital with non-life threatening injuries after receiving pellet wounds to the back of the head.

Several other officers sustained minor non-gunshot-related injuries.

A critical investigation has now been launched and will be subject to independent review.

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