Drivers Warned 'Stay Out Of Servos' As Petrol Prices Skyrocket Before Long Weekend

Just days out from a long weekend, petrol prices are nudging towards an 11-year high, with drivers warned to avoid service stations or be gouged at the pump.

The average cost of unleaded petrol hit $1.66 per litre on Wednesday, with prices expected to rise further, but there are huge disparities between different stations.

The NRMA is warning drivers to "stay out of servos," if possible, ahead of the Queen's Birthday long weekend.

"If you have to fill up do your research," NRMA spokesperson Peter Khoury said on Wednesday.

"The gap between the cheapest and most expensive service station in Sydney right now is 54 cents per litre for regular unleaded."

Petrol Prices
If you can, avoid the servos, or be prepared to shell out more cash. Image: Getty

He explained that shopping around can save a family $25 on a tank of petrol.

While Sydney prices are on the rise, there is relief on the way for motorists in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, where prices have peaked and are now on the way back down.

Prices remain high, but steady in Canberra, Hobart and Darwin.

Khoury said the hike was largely a result of drone strikes on Saudi Arabian oilfields a fortnight ago.

"We knew the attacks, along with the ongoing trade war between the United States and China and a weaker Australian dollar would all work against [drivers] here at home and we are now confronted with 11-year high prices just as families are going away," he said.

While prices in NSW are on the rise, some states have already peaked. Photo: Getty Images.

"Obviously Australia had no role in these global issues, but it is Australian motorists and families who have to pay the price".

The good news is world oil prices have taken a tumble this week which is expected to bring welcome relief to drivers around the country, particularly in Sydney, within a week.

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If you want to know what the fuel cycle is doing in your city, take a look below, where real-time data from hundreds of service stations around the country have been analysed by Compare The Market.

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If you're in Sydney, the NRMA has a real-time petrol price app; RACV in Victoria has similar technology; while websites such as MotorMouth and PetrolSpy can also help you shop around.


As mentioned the difference between the cheapest and most expensive service station in the city is 54 cents, so it pays to shop around. Prices are expected to rise through the weekend.


The price of fuel on Wednesday ranged from $1.36 per litre to $1.52. Prices have been rising steadily since September 24 and are expected to rise further into the long weekend.


Some good news for Melbournian drivers with unleaded prices expected to ease as the week goes on. The peak cost for petrol was recorded on September 24, however, motorists are still paying up to $1.61 per litre.

Petrol price map for Melbourne in September. Photo: RACV

Not much change is expected between now and the long weekend. The current average price of unleaded sits between $1.45 and $1.61 per litre.


Like Melbourne, prices are expected to ease off into the weekend, after a late-September peak.  Drivers in the west are paying between $1.36 and $1.52 per litre for regular unleaded.


After a high price of $1.66 per litre, Adelaide's average unleaded price is on a downward spiral and is expected to continue to fall below the current high of $1.58 leading into the long weekend.