How Eurydice Dixon Is Helping Other 'Awkward Giraffes'

Eurydice Dixon’s money will be used to support the other 'Awkward Giraffes’ of Australian comedy, her family and friends have revealed.

Dixon, an aspiring comedian, was killed in Melbourne's Princes Park in June last year.

The 22-year-old was walking home from a comedy gig when her attacker, Jaymes Todd, targeted her. Todd has been jailed for life over the sadistic act.

Eurydice Dixon: Image: Facebook

Justice Stephen Kaye called Todd "totally and categorically evil" in the moments before he was sentenced.

To keep Dixon's memory alive, her friends have launched Awkward Giraffe -- a not-for-profit organisation aimed at fostering, promoting and supporting comedy in Australia.

"[We're] interested in supporting social, political, and philosophical comedy," Awkward Giraffe President Kieran Butler told 10 News First.

"We're trying to continue Eurydice's work as a comedian ... she was unique, especially for someone so young. She tackled big issues. As a lot of people know, she tackled feminism, she had a lot to say about politics, she was a deep thinker, she researched widely."

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Jeremy Dixon spoke briefly to thank his daughter's fellow comedians for their support. Image: 10 News First

Butler said Dixon's father approached him earlier this year with the idea to use the money his daughter had inherited to support Australian comedians.

Standing on the same stage his daughter last performed on at Carlton's Highlander Bar, Jeremy Dixon thanked supporters for attending the organisation's launch.

"We all know the circumstances behind the forming of Awkward Giraffe," he said.

"But I hope it'll prove in and of its own [sic] as something that does good in the world in a funny way."

The name 'Awkward Giraffe' comes from the hand gesture used to denote social embarrassment. Dixon made a habit of making the hand signal during uncomfortable situations.

The awkward giraffe hand sign. The hand should be rotated as if looking around, awkwardly. Image: Awkward Giraffe

The group plans to start by working with up and coming comedians who are taking on a similar approach to comedy as Dixon, by using stand-up, podcasts and video to help spread their message.

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Butler said the opportunity to establish a not-for-profit using funding from Dixon was a "unique situation", but insisted the initiative would not become an "endless funeral".

"I think what it's given us in the aftermath of all of this is the ability to try and make sense of something that's senseless and to try and move forward," he said.

Mourners paid their respects during a vigil held in memory of Dixon in June last year. Image: AAP