Man Shot Dead Outside Police Station

A man has been shot dead by police in Sydney's west.

He is believed to have been involved in multiple shootings last night, using a pump-action 12 gauge shotgun to shoot at police officers.

The first incident took place at St Marys Police Station at about 9.15pm, police said, where a number of shots were fired into the front of the station.

The second took place outside Penrith Police Station at about 9.35pm. The man approached a police vehicle and fired a number of shots at officers.

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A witness told 10 daily they saw a man walking near the Penrith Police Station on High Street holding what appeared to be a shotgun.

Multiple riot squad vehicles and police cars raced to the scene and surrounded the man.

"They started yelling 'Drop the gun, drop the gun'," the witness said.

The witness saw police fire multiple shots at the man after he refused to put down the weapon.

The public was urged to avoid the area.

The moment before the man was allegedly shot. Image: Facebook

A police officer was taken to Westmead Hospital with non-life threatening injuries after receiving pellet wounds to the back of the head.

Several other officers sustained minor non gunshot-related injuries.

The shooter died at the scene. A critical investigation has now been launched, and will be subject to independent review.

Early investigations suggest the two shootings may be linked to an earlier incident where shots were fired into a home on Quakers Road, Marayong, at about 8.45pm.

Penrith and St Marys Police Station are now closed until further notice, with anyone requiring police assistance advised to contact an alternate station.