People Are Losing It Over Cadbury Caramilk Philadelphia Cream Cheese

Cadbury Caramilk is back in a big way with fans excited to find a cream cheese version on supermarket shelves today.

The Cadbury chocolate favourite returned to stores today, and the company is offering Sydney and Melbourne commuters thousands of blocks for free.

Caramilk was discontinued back in 1994, but according to Cadbury, the public has been desperate for a come back ever since.

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To mark the relaunch, Cadbury will hand out 2,200 blocks of Caramilk to commuters turning the transport rush into a sugar one instead.

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Commuters can get a free block on October 2. Image: Cadbury Australia.

One South Australian shopper is claimed to have purchased 325 blocks at once, however, this has yet to be verified.

But in a surprising move, Woolworth's customers were happy to find Cadbury Caramilk Philadelphia cream cheese waiting for them in the cold aisle today too.

While fans didn't believe it at first, Woolworths confirmed the special edition Philly cheese would be in stores for a limited time.

The cream cheese version is in Woolworth's stores from today. Image: Supplied
Where to get your free Caramilk block today

Head to these locations on October 2.

Melbourne: Melbourne Central Station from 7am (outside Sephora) and Flinders Street Station from 11am.

Sydney: Central Station from 7am and Town Hall Station from 7am.

What Is Caramilk?

The Caramilk bar is white chocolate blended with caramel. It was first sold in the US, New Zealand and Australia in 1968 and was eventually discontinued in 1994 after 26 years on shelves.

It returned to the market briefly in 2018 and was so popular that some blocks were listed for 10 times the retail price ($4.80 a pop) on eBay.

The blocks will be available in supermarkets from today.

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