Residents Urged To Protect Their Pets After Bird Murders

Residents of a Sydney suburb are being urged to protect their cats and dogs after a number of dead birds were discovered on the street. 

The deceased birds and magpies were found by City of Sydney council workers on Monday 23 September at Harcourt Parade in Rosebery in Sydney's southeast.

The NSW Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) was notified and swiftly investigated the matter. It concluded the animals were killed after eating minced meat baits that contained the deadly insecticide methomyl.

Methomyl is toxic to both humans and animals and can be fatal if ingested.

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A letter from City of Sydney council was issued to residents in Harcourt Parade and the surrounding areas, urging them to protect their animals from a similar fate.

City Of Sydney Letter
The letter sent by City of Sydney council. Photo: Reddit

"Residents have been advised not to touch affected birds or meat baits," a spokesperson from City of Sydney council told 10 daily in a statement.

"They have also been advised to keep companion animals, including cats and dogs, away from any affected birds or meat bait."

Residents are being encouraged to contact the Poisons Information Hotline on 13 11 26 if they or someone they know may have been exposed to the chemical.

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The EPA, together with the council and the RSPCA are investigating the matter and are seeking information from the public regarding how the baits came to be placed in the area.

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