Driver Mows Down 23 Kangaroos In Sickening Suburban Slaughter

Warning, distressing content: A sleepy NSW town has been left 'gobsmacked' after residents woke to find more than 20 dead kangaroos sprawled across three streets.

Police believe the animals were deliberately run down by a vehicle at Tura Beach, a suburb of Merimbula, late on Saturday night.

The mass killings occurred on The Dress Circle, Headland Drive and Elizabeth Parade between 10:30pm and 11:30pm, according to Janine Green, a volunteer for the NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service (WIRES).

She said police turned up at her back door about 1am, holding a surviving joey.

"There was one injured kangaroo that was not killed on impact; so they had to euthanise her. She had the joey in her pouch," Green told 10 daily.

Up to 20 kangaroos, including joeys, were killed in the mass slaughter. Image: Getty

When police asked WIRES for help the next day, Green and a NSW National Parks ranger began the heartbreaking job of removing the carcasses.

She said a total of three joeys, five juveniles and 12 adults were killed, while WIRES currently has three surviving joeys in its care.

The killings have left local residents "utterly gobsmacked".

"The kangaroos have always lived in the area, and they're part of a community," Green said.

"To find them all lying on their footpaths on a beautiful Sunday morning... it was just sickening, and totally unnecessary."

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NSW Police say detectives are now investigating "several" acts of animal cruelty, and are calling for witnesses or locals who might have CCTV of the incident to come forward.

Green also asked that residents remain aware and contact police or WIRES if they see anything suspicious.

RSPCA NSW told 10 daily it has not received any reports about the incident.

"We rely on members of the public to report cruelty cases to us so we can thoroughly investigate them with the resources we have," a spokesperson said.

The spokeswoman added NSW Police and RSPCA NSW have the same animal welfare enforcement powers under the state's Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.