Crowdfunding Scammers Target Family Of Young Girl Killed In Tragic Accident

A West Australian family has become the latest target of crowdfunding scammers, with fake pages attempting to cash in on the death of their 11-year-old daughter.

Abbey Forrest was tragically killed when she was thrown from the tray of a ute in The Kimberley, just a month short of her 12th birthday.

Two days later, the young girl's mother discovered a fake fundraising page had been set up in her name.

“It was really horrible," Jessie Forrest told The West Australian.

"Amongst grieving and processing the new reality that we were living in, we had scammers taking advantage of a tragic situation."

Abbey Forrest. Photo: Facebook/ Jessie Abstar Forrest

The scammers also created a fake Facebook account in Jessie's name, in order to privately message her friends a link to the fraudulent fundraiser.

The grieving mother contacted the fundraising platform and the page was immediately shut down.

Only minutes later, however, Forrest said another page appeared on a different website under her son's name.

The pages were reported to WA Police who are now investigating the matter, and the small amount of money donated by friends and family has been refunded, The West Australian reports.

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It comes just a week after a NSW mother warned friends and family on social media not to donate to a fake crowdfunding page created after the death of Danielle Easey.

The 29-year-old Newcastle woman was found dead in Cockle Creek at Killingworth on August 31.

"I'd just like to let everyone know if they see a go fund me (sic) page for Danielle made by her dad Col, do not donate please, he's obviously been hacked," Easey's mother Jennifer Collier wrote on Facebook.

"He did not write it and nor did any other family member, someone did and we will find out who."