Telstra Shuts Down Iconic Talking Clock 'George' After 66 Years

At the third stroke of midnight... Australia's Talking Clock will cease to exist.

Earlier this year Telstra announced it was shutting down the long-serving Talking Clock 'George' and the time has finally come.

After 66 years of service, the talking clock service will fall silent with the number 1194 to be discontinued from midnight on October 1.

Despite still attracting up to 2 million calls per year, the talking clock has fallen victim to the rise of new technologies with Telstra conceding 'George' isn't compatible with the modern world.

From midnight on October 1, Australians will no longer be able to call the Talking Clock for the time. Image: AAP

Fewer people need the service amid the rise of portable devices such as mobile phones and smartwatches which allow us to be constantly aware of the time.

It's no longer a case of leaving your watch at home and needing to call 'George'.

The voice of 'George' was originally theatre critic Gordon Gow but that was replaced in the early nineties with late ABC broadcaster Richard Peach.

The clock is shutting down days before Daylight Saving Time kicks in across the country, typically the time when the service received the most calls.