The Most Aussie Coin Hunt Ever Is About To Kick Off

The Royal Australian Mint is releasing a new set of collectible coins, to celebrate the quintessential things about Aussie life. 

The Great Aussie Coin Hunt kicks off on September 30, with 26 limited edition coins hitting people's pockets, in a partnership between the Royal Australian Mint and Australia Post.

Six coins will be released each Monday until 21 October, to celebrate the A-Z of Australian icons.

U for ute, V for Vegemite, W for Weet-Bix. Image: Australia Post

The limited edition $1 coins will be available at 3,600 Australia Post Offices  around the country -- the only way you will be able to hunt them down.

Other iconic Aussie things to immortalised are the trusty Hills Hoist, the adorable quokka and the summer-favourite Zooper Doopers.

M for meat pie, N for Neighbours, O for outback. Image: Australia Post

Nicole Sheffield, Australia Post Executive General Manager Community and Consumer, said a coin hunt is great way to reminisce about life in Australia.

"Not only will it be really exciting to hunt for all the coins and build an amazing collection, but each and every coin opens up the opportunity for wonderful conversations about quintessential Australian life,” she said.

“It’s a great way for grandparents to connect with grandchildren, and for all of us to share our own experiences and memories with each other -- both here and with friends and family overseas.”

H for Hills Hoist, I for Iced Vovo, J for Jackaroo and Jillaroo. Image: Australia Post

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The first six coins up for grabs are A for Australia Post, F for footy, I for Iced Vovo, M for meat pie and X for the only town in Australian town beginning with that letter, Xantippe.