Snake Enjoying The Start Of Summer Hits Up Local BBQ

Summer is almost upon us in Australia, which means snakes are beginning to slither their way into homes, sheds, cars and apparently backyard barbeques.

While Aussies in certain parts of the country have become used to finding a python or two making themselves feel at home over the warmer months, one family in Bardon, Queensland had a surprise guest join them for lunch on Thursday.

Not one to miss out on the quintessential Australian summer afternoon activity, one cheeky carpet python decided to join a local barbeque... literally.

Snake Catchers Brisbane, Ipswitch, Logan & Gold Coast shared a video of the surprise find on their Facebook page, which shows the team opening the lid of a small backyard barbeque to find the snake curled up inside.

The snake catchers who share a lot of their call-out jobs on social media, including a whopping catch of a red-bellied black snake earlier this week which went viral, joked that the Bardon carpet python was "essential at any bbq".

"It is quite common for us to find snakes in and around barbeques waiting in ambush for the rats that are attracted to the area," they said on Facebook.

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Photo: Snake Catchers Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan & Gold Coast

"I said a steak sandwich, not a snake sandwich," the team also joked.

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